Setback for China’s global prestige project: Australia halts Silk Road deal

Australia wants nothing more to do with China’s ambitious infrastructure offensive. For President Xi, this means a loss of face.

Australia is putting a heavy damper on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s flagship foreign policy project: The government in Canberra is unilaterally terminating an agreement under Xi’s hundreds of billions of dollars Silk Road Initiative. The deal with the Chinese was not compatible with Australia’s foreign policy, Foreign Minister Marise Payne declared.

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Online Marketing Strategies – What makes them successful

Online marketing strategies define measures with which a company acquires and maintains customers on the Internet and on social networks. Online marketing strategies begin with the precise delimitation of the target group. They include the positioning of the brand, the choice of communication tools and the definition of the target group approach. Professional strategies are developed by Internet agencies.

Why are online marketing strategies important?

The online marketing strategy is also called internet marketing or web marketing strategy. It includes all marketing measures that are carried out online. The goal is called more success: you win more customers via the Internet and social media channels.

Today, no company can afford to do without an online marketing strategy. The reason is obvious. Today’s customers are best reached online. That’s where you pick them up.

A holistic Internet strategy covers all online marketing measures:

  • SEA marketing (search engine advertising)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • promotional marketing
  • and others.

Why do you have to proceed strategically and according to plan? Because your customers are exposed to a flood of stimuli in both the virtual and the real world. It is pointless to constantly “bombard” them on all channels. This not only lowers their perception. It also overtaxes your resources as a medium-sized entrepreneur. Keyword wastage.

Instead of blindly launching any measures to acquire new customers on the Internet: read our detailed tips on SEM.

The most important advantages of online marketing strategies for customer acquisition on the Internet
Acquiring new customers online is extremely lucrative. Unlike traditional advertising, the cost-profit ratio is favorable. Online you reach a large amount of potential customers. Supra-regionally, in principle worldwide. And that even with limited financial resources. Measures such as SEO and tools such as Google Adwords or Facebook Adwords help you to grow your customer base.

You do not only win new customers. You also retain existing customers and create a consistent online reputation. As a result, you increase your sales. You don’t need additional sales staff for the additional business.

Global reach with comprehensive online marketing strategies
Online marketing measures far exceed the reach of traditional advertising. On the Internet, you are present for your customers worldwide around the clock. You can use all multimedia channels and design options.

Here, too, we would like to take a brief look at classic advertising for comparison. A brochure or newspaper ad offers you limited options in terms of design, size and layout. The Internet, on the other hand, is a world of unlimited possibilities. Literally.

You win customers with good content in text form. The same goes for videos, animations, podcasts or interactive elements. No commercial or poster can do all that. But your website can. It makes even complex products tangible and understandable. This makes the approach much more emotional.

What distinguishes an online marketing strategy from an online marketing tactic?
Strategies always pursue overriding goals. They are valid for months or years. A tactic is always a plan for a short period of time. From search engine optimization to active communication, our actions always follow a strategy. Creating and following this strategy takes time. But it ensures more traffic in the long run. It makes your site sustainably successful. The first step: SEO consulting by us as an internet agency or online agency.

Online Marketing Strategies: Use resources planfully
Yes, developing an online marketing strategy is time-consuming at first. Do you do without it? Then it is unlikely that the desired success will occur.

Follow this plan. Leave the competition behind. Keep the overview. Use your resources in a targeted and efficient manner. Because the choice of tools and channels for online marketing is huge. A precise online marketing strategy not only combines advertising channels and software programs. It bundles the know-how of an experienced marketing consulting agency and makes it available to you.

You reach your target group without significant wastage. You maximize your success. In addition, a marketing strategy protects you from burning money and wasting energy.

Every online marketing strategy needs clear goals
Define the goals. Do you want to …

primarily sell and build your online store – as a specialty retailer or as a cross-industry e-commerce platform?
primarily generate leads, because your business thrives on personal support?
build and strengthen your brand online?
Many start-up entrepreneurs know that they offer the best product in their industry, category or region. Or they even have an innovation up their sleeve. Many founders enter the race with the conviction that their service will make the world a better place. But which market mechanisms are effective? What is your best chance of hitting the mark? With your limited resources?

It is essential: Get professional advice on your online marketing strategy.

How to start your online marketing strategies

At the beginning of the development of an online marketing strategy are the “4P” of the marketing mix:

  • Product policy
  • Pricing policy
  • Placement
  • Promotion (advertising)

The first approach of any product policy is always the buyer. Who is your target group? What are their wishes and needs?

The target groups of your online marketing strategies
The WHO or for WHOM always comes first. An online marketing strategy is based on a profound target group analysis. The following questions are clarified:

  • What age group do your buyers come from?
  • Are they male or female? And what proportion?
  • What interests do the members of your target group have?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • How do your target people spend their free time?
  • How much purchasing power should your target customers have?
  • On which portals are they online?
  • The result should provide a clear picture of your core target group.

Already at this point, many companies make a cardinal mistake. They want to address all potential customers and exclude no one. However, this not only overtaxes their limited resources. Their customers also don’t know what they stand for. If you address everyone, you reach no one.

You can – like Mercedes – offer an inexpensive A-Class. That way, you’ll win over mid-range car buyers as well. But if your core target group is the premium segment, focus on them. With the premium image, you automatically radiate to other segments as well. You also attract them as buyers.

The target group analysis often already results in an approach for your communication and its channels. And these are very complex in online marketing. Facebook and other social media channels are a parallel universe to the World Wide Web with Google. Even if the user groups overlap: You reach a different audience on each of the two levels.

Google users search for keywords. Assume that they don’t know your website. You win them as new customers. Do you offer a hip or cool product for teens or young adults? Then exclude Facebook from your social networking strategies. Because Facebook is frowned upon these days as the platform where their parents communicate. You’re more likely to reach Generation Z or Millennials on Instagram or Pinterest.

Product and positioning in online marketing strategies
Ideally, you have exactly the right product and already the exact target group. Your product has the unique selling proposition that meets the needs of your target audience. And the online marketing strategy is all about addressing the target group. Is that so?

Let’s start by taking a look at the positioning strategy. If it does not exist or is rudimentary, our first step is to define this strategy. Because – hand on heart – few offer the innovation of the century. And if they do, there is often no market for it.

As a rule, your product or service will have to compete against competitors. The features will be comparable. Most of the time it is about packaging it emotionally and “charging” it with a message that makes it appear unique.

There are two points to highlight:
What does your company stand for?
What special features and services do you want to anchor in the perception of your target group?

The focus of your subsequent advertising must always be on the uniqueness, benefits and added value of your service. Your customers want to get the feeling that their wishes and needs are being met. More than the competition. This is the basis of all marketing strategies, online and offline. For this we need reliable marketing figures and target group analysis. Why target group analysis? How does it work? What methods are available? We are happy to talk about methods and possibilities. For more information see Targets Online Marketing.

Your target group consists not only of potential and existing customers. A good network is also helpful. This includes multipliers such as bloggers, influencers, affiliate marketers or SEO experts. Yes, even possible future employees who become aware of you in social networks and provide referral marketing. This counts even more the more your company is perceived as a brand and needs to build an image.

If this is the case, editors, journalists and industry experts also belong to your target group. Because they influence the public. So let’s take a multi-pronged approach to marketing. We don’t just get your message across via your search engine optimized website and advertising on the Internet. Let’s put newsletters, PR and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing or even Twitter in the possible field of vision.

What does pricing have to do with online marketing strategies?
Competition is greater on the Internet. Even bigger than – let’s say – in stationary retail. But you can position yourself in a more targeted way. And be selected.

Online shoppers tend to expect lower prices than in stores. That creates competitive pressure. But it’s also an opportunity. You can win customers by undercutting the competition on price. For example, through special offers, discount promotions or daily specials, such as those advertised by shopping clubs via newsletters.

Waiving shipping costs is always a selling point. But you can also score with better service and value-added offers. Offer and promote an additional benefit to your product. We are happy to give you examples from your industry.

Placement and promotion in internet marketing
Unlike in stationary trade, we can combine placement and promotion in online marketing. Placement is the internet and social media channels. And the promotion corresponds to the measures.

Let’s start with the most basic online marketing measure: search engine optimization. A non-optimized website is comparable to an invisible and unsorted store. Invisible means: not to be found in the search engine ranking. So nobody registers the “store”. And unsorted means that the customer, who nevertheless enters the store, does not find what he is looking for and expecting.

Search engine optimization is not a project, but a continuous runner. It must be done permanently.

Win customers on the Internet with SEO marketing

What is SEO? The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization. It includes all measures on your website to attract and retain visitors. It is one of our most crucial online marketing strategies.

What does it require?
First, high-quality original content. That is, content that is relevant to your target audience. Second, content freshness: regularly updated information. There are two main reasons for this. On the one hand, search engines like Google or Bing recognize whether your site offers appropriate content for certain keywords. On the other hand, search engines rate it positively if new content on the topic is added regularly.

Top content plus topicality enables front places in the search results of the users. Keep in mind that most visitors only look at the first, at most the second page of results. What also boosts the ranking are visitor numbers and visit duration. The more and longer, the better. By the way: How often your page is clicked on can be measured with CTR (Click Through Rate).

Search engine optimization (SEO) in your online marketing strategies
By SEO we mean much more than text creation and optimization with SEO keywords. What our online marketing agency does for you:

  • We develop keyword strategies and implement them.
  • You get a coherent content marketing strategy.
  • We offer all technical services of on-site optimization.
  • We encrypt your website securely via SSL Google.
  • We gain backlinks via internal and external deep links and surface links.
  • We optimize your web presence according to mobile-first.
  • Your SEO marketing goals:
  • Visibility and reach building
  • Brand building (branding)
  • Lead generation
  • Pull marketing (customers search online for offers and come to you)
  • Achieving expert status
  • Direct Response Advertising

Why is mobile-first optimization more important than ever?
Most users browse most often on mobile. That’s why the screen in the hand is our benchmark. The content must be easy to read on mobile, the topic of readability. The page must load quickly (top page speed). The content is also prepared for semantic search.

What do we achieve with Featured Snippets?
With Featured Snippets or Rich Snippets we stimulate more users to click on your page. With Rich Snippets your search result appears with structured data on the Google results page. With a Featured Snippet, Google shows a selected, meaningful text excerpt. Both make your page stand out from the crowd of organic search results.

What should be considered with snippets? The content of your website, the search terms and the snippets must match. This also applies to the meta title. If Google recognizes the matches, the pageranking and the chance of snippet displays increases.

Search engine advertising in the online marketing strategy
SEO isn’t everything. A holistic online marketing strategy includes the entire claviature of SEM. The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Marketing. In addition to SEO, SEA is also part of it. With A for Advertising.

It takes some time until the SEO takes effect and your page ranks top. In the beginning, SEA as paid search engine advertising makes sense. With it you can appear very quickly on the top positions of the search results. So you reach your goals faster. In addition, the user behavior can be analyzed for the first time. As a basis for first optimizations.

SEA possibilities offer toos like Google Adwords or GoogleAds. If you use them, users will receive your sponsored search results for your focus keywords. Of course at the top. You buy the places in a kind of auction. Here you bid together with competitors. But not only the best price bidder wins. Google also evaluates the content of the website. Therefore, a profound keyword research and analysis in advance is essential.

Your blog as added value in the online marketing strategies
Operate a blog or weblog on your site. In principle, this costs nothing except time if you write yourself. Or invest in a good journalistic copywriter to ghostwrite on your behalf.

Blogging has two advantages.
First, your website stays “alive”. The search engines view it positively when new and relevant content is placed on a regular basis. Conversely, Googls & Co. punish static unchanged websites in the ranking in the long run. Experts recommend posting a fresh blog post at least every 14 days. 500 to 600 words are considered the minimum guideline for length. There is no upper limit.

Advantage number two: As a blogger, you create an expert status for yourself. You gain the trust of your customers. Write about help topics or have them written about. Explain to your target group how they can get “more” out of your product or service. You have the knowledge advantage!

Is your company a therapeutic practice? Present one of your methods. An approach that your customers probably don’t know yet. But it could be helpful. Are you a craftsman? For example, a plumber? Explain to your customers what they can do when a pipe bursts.

As a blogger you gain expert status
Do you run a hardware, electrical or gardening store? Or do you offer a related service? For example, write about the latest smart home apps that let you control everything: From home automation to garden irrigation and the robotic mower.

The trick is to give your customers the feeling that the text will help them. But in the end, they will approach you and use your services. Because they trust the expert.

The topics are often provided by the news. As a building contractor or tax advisor, you can explain to your customers changed laws on building law or taxes. To name just one example. But don’t just rely on current events. With a content strategy we determine in which calendar week which topic will be “blogged”. Similar to the editorial plan of a trade magazine. Occasions can be seasons or typical seasonal activities – such as spring cleaning, the vacation season, buying heating oil in the fall or Advent cooking recipes.

Two things are important: original content instead of copied texts. And journalistic quality. Because the target group wants to be taken seriously and informed. It goes without saying that good blog texts are also keyword-optimized. And: The more attention they generate, the more often they are shared and linked. Excellent posts can become viral hits.

Online marketing: Successful thanks to interactivity in social media
Nowhere is online marketing developing as dynamically as in social networks. Therefore, consider current as well as upcoming social media and online marketing trends in your strategy. To give you an example: According to many experts, live video content is currently gaining in importance. The most popular platforms include Facebook and the live streaming app Periscope.

Messaging apps will also play an increasingly important role for a social media agency from Sydney. With these tools, you can offer your customers interactive activities. In this way, you can playfully win new customers and loyal fans. And sell more.

Olympic canoeist convicted of smuggling 650 kilos of cocaine

Nathan Baggaley won silver twice at the 2004 Olympics – but lately the Australian has been making headlines, especially in court. Now he is facing life imprisonment for a drug deal that fell through.

The case had made for spectacular pictures in June 2018. They showed a failed drug deal off the east coast of Australia. Now two of the main culprits, ex-Olympian Nathan Baggaley and his brother Dru, have been found guilty by a Brisbane court. The sentence is still pending, but both could face life in prison because of numerous previous convictions.

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When truck drivers earn six figures

The commodities boom in Australia is producing strange results: commodities companies are desperately looking for new employees – and are now paying incredibly high salaries. And not just for managers.

Rising production costs are worrying Australian raw materials suppliers. Groups like Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton have to pay ever higher wages for their mine workers. An unskilled worker in Perth, Western Australia, now receives 120,000 Australian dollars in basic wages, the equivalent of a good 95,000 euros, per year. In addition, they receive 31.90 Australian dollars per day as a so-called travel allowance for the 20-minute commute in the company bus. The money is paid even on non-working days. With a number of other allowances, an annual salary of $150,000 is quickly added up.

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Geographically far out, economically far ahead

Australia has come through the Corona crisis comparatively well. This is also reflected in the continent’s current economic condition.

“Down under” has always been synonymous with what is called a place of longing for many Germans. A continent at the other end of the world, spectacular nature with unique fauna and, last but not least, a population that brings with it a nonchalance that we Germans often lack.

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